Virtual Care System
with Emergency Alert

    The SkyPad™
A Sensor Pad with A Health Display

SkyPad is a connected health system that consists of a Sensor Pad ("the Pad") and a Health Display with touch-screen HD LCD. The Pad is placed under any bed sheet and pillow so it becomes invisible and non-intrusive. The Health Display can be placed on a nightstand or mounted on the wall. 

The SkyPad Health Display has WIFI so it can be connected to the internet. User's family members, healthcare providers and caregivers can access his/her health status via the OnSky Health app anytime and anywhere.

    The Pad
Powered by the Contact-Free Sensor Technology

The Sensor Pad is a thin and flat pad that consists of the OnSky's patent-pending proprietary "Contact-Free" sensor technology with AI and Machine Learning. As a breakthrough invention, the Pad can sense vital signs, motions and sleep quality continuously without skin contact. Our proprietary Machine Learning algorithm learns user's vital signs continuously over time so that it can maintain the accuracy even there is no skin contact with the user. 

    The Health Display
High Resolution Display for Easy Access

The purpose of the The Health Display is to help users who may be elderly, patients or caregivers to access health status and data quickly. It displays vital signs, motions, sleep quality, and other health status in real-time and offline modes. User can access history of health data on the display.

The Display is a communication hub that supports WIFI to connect to a router (not provided) so health data can be accessed by mobile apps remotely. It features a high-end gorilla glass that is thin, light and damage-resistant. The display is a touch-screen HD LCD that delivers high resolution with clarity. 

Absolutely No Device on Your Body
Sleep Naturally and Comfortably


Powered by OnSky's proprietary "Contact-Free" sensor technology and AI & Machine Learning, SkyPad can continuously measure and monitor user's vital signs and sleep quality without skin contact.


Just place the Pad under any bed sheet and pillow, then you are worry-free. You don't have to wear any wireless device on your body. Absolutely NO device on your head, ear or even your wrist. Just lie down, relax and sleep while your wellness is being protected continuously.

Vital Signs, Sleep Quality and More

SkyPad is packed with multiple health sensing capabilities from Heart Rate, Respiration Rate (Breathing), Sleep Quality, Snoring, Sleep Habit Tracking, Temperature and more.

Heart Rate
Sleep Quality
Respiration Rate
Breathing Quality
Body Movement
Sleep Habit
Body Temperature Variation.png
Body Temperature Variation
Room Temperature & Humidity
SOS Assistance
Patient Safety 
    Emergency Service
Emergency Detection & Alert Service (EDAS)

The Emergency Detection & Alert Service (EDAS) is a companion and optional subscription service, offered separately to SkyPad, that can enhance health protection for you. EDAS continuously monitors and detects vital sign deterioration and abnormality. These may be possible life-threatening signs of cardiac arrest, obstructive sleep apnea, seizure or other conditions. If a life-threatening emergency condition is detected, EDAS immediately sends SMS messages and calls your family members and caregivers as first responders for intervention.

EDAS is an optional service and is not included in SkyPad. We recommend the subscription of the EDAS for yourself or your loved one as it may save life if emergency condition is detected. For more information about EDAS plans, please click below.

Breath_emergency phone.png

Heart Attack
Obstructive Sleep Apnea


    OnSky Health App
Virtual Care Monitoring Anytime and Anywhere

Free mobile app for SkyPad is available on Apple store and Google Play store. You or caregivers can use OnSky Health App to monitor and take care of your loved one anytime and anywhere. Physicians and nurses can connect and communicate with patients remotely with real-time health data available on screen. The app supports real-time & offline data, graphs and history of user's health data.

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    Easy Installation
One-Time Setup and Auto-Calibration

Place the Pad under any bed sheet and then any pillow. The Health Display can be placed on a nightstand or mounted on the wall. Use the OnSky Health App on your cell phone and follow the instructions in the quick guide to set up WIFI and enter some simple information. Then the SkyPad will perform a five-minute and one-time auto-calibration.


That is it! 

    Truly Safe
No RF Electromagnetic Wave

There are Bluetooth monitoring devices in the market that users wear on their head, ear or wrist while sleeping. Many people are concerned about RF electromagnetic waves (high frequency waves) that is emitted from Bluetooth wireless and radiating onto their skin and body. Worry no more! The Pad consists of OnSky's proprietary sensor design that does not use any wireless technology inside. (WIFI is used inside the Health Display that can be placed far away from user).

The Pad is well insulated and is operated on low voltage power (5V), so it is really safe to use as a health device. 

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always on.jpg
    No Battery Charging
Always ON for Continuous Protection

The Health Display is powered through a 110V / 220V power adapter that can be plugged into any wall outlet. The Pad is powered by a 5V USB cable from the Health Display. Therefore, the SkyPad system is continuously powered to monitor and protect user without the burden of battery charging.

You don't need to worry about charging battery daily like other wearable devices. You will be worry-free with SkyPad!


For detailed functionality and specification, please click below.