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OnSky Health

OnSky Health International develops and manufactures advanced medical technologies and connected-health products aimed at modernizing remote health care and telehealth with a focus on the elderly, in-home patients, people with chronic diseases and senior living. OnSky Health’s innovative products assist health care providers and caregivers in delivering intelligent, optimized and meaningful health care anytime and anywhere. With headquarters in the United States, the company’s flagship SkyPad system combines proprietary sensor technology with advanced AI and machine learning to provide an innovative virtual care system that helps the aging population enjoy a better quality of life while easing the minds of loved ones.

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Optimize CARE and Enrich
Quality of Life for

Aging Population
Senior Living

Our Mission

Our mission is to innovate and modernize medical technologies with advanced sensor, AI and Machine Learning technologies to assist families and healthcare providers in giving intelligent, optimized and meaningful Health Care Anytime and Anywhere to the Elderly and Patients.

We believe this is the time to modernize the overall Health Care with advanced technologies, especially for Aging People, Homecare and Senior Living. After all, "Senior Living" is about healthy and comfortable living with confidence and peace-of-mind. 

Meet The Team

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The Inventor & Leader

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Hung Nguyen
Founder & CEO
Chief Innovation Officer

"After 25 years of creating many advanced technologies with over 35 patents, I believe that SkyPad with the Contact-Free sensor technology is so far my best creation," said Hung Nguyen. "Not only is it the most innovative and challenging, but also SkyPad is the most meaningful product that it will help millions of people out there."


  • Experts in hardware design and software coding

  • Embedded Firmware, Cloud and Mobile App

  • Specialists in AI and Machine Learning

  • Experiences in high volume production

Tung Do

Director of Engineering

"Our inspiration is to design a useful remote health monitoring solution, not only for our customers, but also for our parents, grand-parents and loved ones who are aging and living alone. So this project is very personal to us. Our team has put our heart and soul into it ..."