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Hung Nguyen

CEO & Founder

Chief Innovation Officer

Holding over 35 US Patents in communications, wireless, medical devices, AI and Machine Learning, Hung Nguyen is considered one of the prolific inventors in Silicon Valley. While serving at IBM and Quantum, he pioneered and created the digital adaptive technology (PRML) that transformed a book-size magnetic drive to a tiny 1.8-inch device. As the founder and CEO at Blue7 Communications, Nguyen invented the very low-power Ultra-Wideband chip that was used in medical applications. He founded Greenvity Communications and invented the world's first single chip that integrates wireless and powerline communication (PLC) for cleantech and electrical vehicles. 

His passion and innovation are now with OnSky Health with a desire to improve the quality of life for the aging population, patients, people in homecare and nursing homes. "After 25 years of creating many advanced technologies and products, I believe that SkyPad with the Contact-Free sensor technology is so far my best creation," shared Hung Nguyen. "Not only is it the most innovative and challenging, but also SkyPad is the most meaningful product that it will help millions of people out there."

Hung Nguyen is a seasoned executive and serial entrepreneur that led several businesses through successful exits. Under his leadership, Blue7, the company that he founded, was acquired by Sigma Designs.  Hung also led the spin-off company of NeoMagic through a M&A by LSI Logic.

Hung Nguyen received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with Honor from University of Southern California and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University.  He was a member of the Executive MBA program of the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University. Hung Nguyen received an honorable award as "the Inventor of the Year" at Quantum in 1993.

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