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HD Camera for Virtual Care

Physicians, caregivers and family members can view patients or loved ones clearly during daytime. For night time, the vision is amazingly clear as daytime with our night vision IR lights. 

  • HD camera with 3.0 Megapixel: Superb image quality

  • Multiple clients viewing

  • Night Vision technology, see clearly in the night

  • Pan-tilt control by swiping your finger on the mobile display

    • Rotation: 360 degrees​

    • Up / Down: 120 degrees

  • Two-way audio: talk and listen

  • Motion detection

  • Support WIFI and Ethernet

  • Plug & Play

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    All-in-One App
OnSky Health App supports SkyPad and SkyVue

Caregivers and family members can view loved one's health status on mobile phone with the OnSky Health App. They can also see, listen and talk to their loved one on the phone with the same app. OnSky brings virtual care to the next level!

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