We are here to help keeping Seniors and Patients safe, healthy and comfortable with better Quality of Life.


We want to use Innovation and Technology to bridge the "gap" in Health Care so that Healthcare Providers can deliver smart, optimized and continuous care to their patients. After all, every patient deserves it!

Benefits of SkyPad
For You and Your Loved Ones

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Virtually Invisible

No wireless device on your body. Nothing on your head, ear or even wrist while you sleeping. 

Sleep Naturally and Comfortably while being protected continuously.



Truly Safe

NO RF Electromagnetic Wave 

People who use wireless wearables are concerned that their devices emit RF waves (high frequency electromagnetic waves) onto their skin and body while they sleep. It is good to know that the Pad does not have any wireless inside. No WIFI, No Bluetooth or any other wireless device in the Pad.

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Continuous and Real-Time

Monitoring & Emergency

Not all contactless devices are the same! Most Sleep Tracking devices out there are not real-time and continuous. As for wearables, some just do single-shot measurements of vital signs. 

SkyPad starts automatically when you lay down on bed and continues to monitor and protect you while you are sleeping. Your caregivers can access your health status in real-time and that is real peace-of-mind.


No Battery Charging Needed


Unlike wearable devices that require battery charging regularly, SkyPad is always on with continuous power. You don't have to worry about battery charging or being out of battery in the middle of the night. 

Be Worry-Free with SkyPad!  

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The Bridge

between Physicians & Patients


We are serious about Virtual Care. Our SkyCare program supports Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring that enables healthcare providers to provide efficient and smart cares for many patients concurrently, continuously and remotely. Patients can receive optimum care while being at their sweet homes with their loved ones.


... And Because We Care

Every design and every feature is carefully researched and thought out by our technical and medical teams to enhance the safety, comfortability, well-being and confidence of the elderly, in-home patients, people with disability and people with chronic conditions.

That is our focus everyday!

Patient and Nurse