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Virtual Care System
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Health & Sleep Monitoring for
You and Your Loved Ones

OnSky Health as Top Patient Monitoring Device
MD Tech Review Magazine has selected OnSky Health as
Top Patient Monitoring Provider in 2021
that is at the forefront of providing complete health monitoring and impacting the Industry

    Introducing SkyPad™
Your Invisible Health Partner


SkyPad is the Contact-Free Remote Health Monitoring Pad with a touch-screen Health Display. The Pad is placed under any pillow that becomes virtually invisible. The Health Display can be placed on a nightstand for easy access by user or caregiver. 


SkyPad monitors user's vital signs, sleep quality and body motions continuously and accurately. Your family members and caregivers can access your health status via the OnSky Health App anytime and anywhere.


SkyPad delivers comprehensive non-intrusive & non-invasive health monitoring for the elderly, in-home patients and nursing home residents, and even for the healthy people who want to practice proactive health care.

Sleep Naturally and Comfortably


Wearing any device on your head, ear or body is just uncomfortable while you are sleeping. SkyPad is here to change that! Powered by OnSky's proprietary "Contact-Free" sensor technology and AI & Machine Learning, SkyPad continuously monitors vital signs and sleep quality without skin contact.


Just place the Pad under any pillow, then you are worry-free. No need to wear any device on your body, no need to worry about battery charging. Just lie down, relax and sleep while your wellness is being protected continuously.

After all, you deserve it!

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Vital Signs, Sleep Quality and More

SkyPad is packed with multiple health sensing capabilities from Heart Rate, Respiration Rate (Breathing), Sleep Quality, Snoring, Sleep Habit Tracking, Temperature and more.

Heart Rate
Sleep Quality
Respiration Rate
Breathing Quality
Body Movement
Sleep Habit
Body Temperature Variation.png
Body Temperature Variation
Room Temperature & Humidity
SOS Assistance
Patient Safety 
    Emergency Service
Early Detection and Rapid Intervention may Save Lives

The Emergency Detection & Alert Service (EDAS) is a companion and optional subscription service, offered separately to SkyPad, that can enhance health protection for users by offering continuous monitoring and detection for vital sign deterioration and abnormality. If a possible emergency condition is detected by EDAS, it will send SMS messages and call user's family members or caregivers as first responders for intervention.

 *EDAS is an optional service and not included in SkyPad.


Emergency Service:

Possible life-threatening conditions or vital sign abnormality can be detected and alerted

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Confidence. Peace of Mind

SkyPad is a smart health device that benefits many people whether they are healthy, have chronic conditions or are just aging. With SkyPad, you can have the Confidence during your sleep and your love ones can have peace of mind.

Comfortable: Contact-Free for Sleeping Naturally and Comfortably

Safe: No wireless electromagnetic wave from the Pad

Well-Protected: continuous monitoring and real-time emergency alert

Worry-Free: Always ON, no need to charge battery

Who Uses SkyPad™
Self-Care, Homecare, Senior Living and More

SkyPad requires no skin contact without compromising accuracy. It is a perfect solution for the elderly, in-home patients and nursing home residents who prefer not to wear any wireless device but still need to be monitored and protected during sleep.

If you are a health-conscious person or if you care for someone, SkyPad is for you and your loved ones.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

SkyPad supports Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring with patient's wellness as top priority. It enables physicians & caregivers to provide smart cares to multiple patients concurrently, continuously and remotely. Physician can communicate with patient while having real-time health indicators at the same time.

Patients can enjoy the benefits of using SkyPad and receive the optimum care without being in hospital.

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"With SkyPad, cardiac and respiratory arrest can be diagnosed immediately, paramedics can be notified and CPR can be started immediately so that when patients arrive to the ER via ambulance their outcome and odds of survival may be improved."

Dr. Aline Mai, MD

Emergency Physician


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