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    Emergency Service
Emergency Detection & Alert Service (EDAS)

The Emergency Detection & Alert Service (EDAS), offered separately to SkyPad, is a companion and optional subscription service to enhance health protection for you or your loved ones. It can be subscribed monthly or annually. After using it, you can cancel the EDAS anytime without any penalty.

*EDAS is an optional service and not included in SkyPad.

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   Emergency Conditions
Deterioration and Abnormality in Vital Signs

Once subscribed, EDAS will continuously monitors and detects vital sign deterioration and abnormality and also room condition. If such condition is detected, EDAS will display warnings on the Health Display and sends warning messages to mobile app.  

* Note that EDAS do not detect or diagnose any medical condition such as heart attack, cardiac arrest, ...

    Emergency Subscription
Detect, Alert and Call

The Emergency Service (EDAS) takes user's health safety and protection to the next level. If a possible emergency condition is detected, it immediately sends SMS messages and calls your family members and caregivers as first responders for intervention.

If you need urgent assistance or feel very sick, just press the red SOS button on the Health Display and that will trigger the EDAS.

We recommend you to consider the subscription of the EDAS for yourself or your loved one as it may save life.

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 First Responders
People You Trust

When EDAS is triggered, it will attempt to call the phone numbers of family members, caregivers or friends several times. (If it is a false alarm, then user can turn off the emergency via the Health Display or the mobile app). These are the first responders whose phone numbers are input into the mobile app by user during setup (or anytime later). For the Basic Plan, EDAS will call the first 3 numbers. Refer to the Subscription table for more details.

EDAS also sends SMS text messages to those first responders. The messages will have user's contact information and the type of emergency.

* Note that EDAS will not call 911 or any police numbers. This is a personal health emergency system so it only calls the numbers that you entered into the mobile app. In addition, the call is from OnSky's cloud and not from an agent.

Rapid Intervention may Save Life

After receiving emergency call and SMS messages from OnSky, the first responders should immediately try to reach the user to check on his/her condition. First responders can call the user or use camera to view the environment. The first responders should call 911 for emergency ambulance or contact healthcare professionals to intervene as soon as possible. 

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    Emergency Service Subscription Plans


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