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OnSky Health Introduces Continuous Contact-Free Virtual Care System for Aging Population & Home Care

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

SkyPad™ with machine learning and emergency alert service enables vital sign sensing with accuracy and comfort for remote patient monitoring and home care

SAN JOSE, Calif. – October 19, 2021 – OnSky Health International makes its company debut with the introduction of SkyPad™, the industry’s first virtual care solution that provides continuous contact-free vital sign sensing with an optional emergency alert and calling service. SkyPad uses machine learning (ML), powered by OnSky Health’s proprietary and custom sensor technology, to accurately sense and monitor users’ vital signs, sleep quality and body motions. With OnSky Health’s companion Emergency Detection & Alert Service (EDAS), in-home and nursing home patients, the elderly and people with chronic diseases, as well as health-care providers and caregivers, will receive prompt SMS messages and calls if a possible medical emergency condition is detected.

The demand for telehealth and need for remote patient monitoring (RPM) and homecare applications have grown significantly, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, because of the ability to provide convenient and cost-effective ways to see physicians without leaving home, reduce disease exposure for staff and patients and reduce patient demand on facilities. However, the effectiveness of virtual meetings with doctors is limited by not having actual real-time health indicators for diagnosis. Most health-monitoring devices for RPM and home care are manual and not continuous and real-time. Also, users must wear these devices on their body every day, which can be uncomfortable while sleeping.

“OnSky Health was founded out of a need to modernize health care and enrich quality of life for the aging population, in-home patients, those living with chronic health conditions and others in senior living environments,” said Hung Nguyen, CEO and founder of OnSky Health. “For the last three years, our R&D team has been working on the development of a proprietary ultra-sensitive sensor technology for comfortable health monitoring without skin contact. More recently, the pandemic has further heightened the need for remote patient monitoring, home care and telehealth. Our patent-pending technology combined with machine learning algorithms enable the breakthrough SkyPad virtual care solution that we are announcing today.”

SkyPad Sensor Pad with Health Display

The game changing SkyPad is placed under the user’s pillow where it provides continuous, real-time health monitoring for comfortable and natural sleep while being protected. The contact-free and ultra-sensitive SkyPad is packed with multiple health-sensing capabilities including heart rate, respiration rate, sleep-habit / sleep-quality tracking, breathing quality, snoring, body temperature variation, patient safety monitoring, assistance alert and other lifestyle improvement functions. This all-in-one general wellness device delivers comprehensive non-intrusive / non-invasive health-monitoring for the elderly and others who want to practice proactive health care.

SkyPad is an assistive and connected-health system that consists of the:

· Sensor Pad (“the Pad”), a thin and flat pad that integrates OnSky Health's patent-pending contact-free sensor technology with ML to sense vital signs, body motions and sleep quality continuously and accurately without skin contact. Proprietary ML algorithms learn users’ vital signs continuously over time to maintain accuracy.

· Health Display is a Wi-Fi connected, high-definition LCD touch screen that helps users, family members or caregivers access the user’s health status easily and quickly. The touch-screen display delivers high resolution with superior clarity and acts as a Wi-Fi communication hub enabling health data to be remotely accessed with a mobile app.

Emergency Detection & Alert Service (EDAS)

The EDAS is a companion and optional subscription service, offered separately to SkyPad, which enhances health protection for users by offering the possibility of early detection and rapid intervention to save lives. EDAS is an automated cloud-based service that has the capability to continuously monitor and detect vital sign deterioration and abnormality. If a possible life-threatening condition is detected, EDAS immediately sends alerts and can make direct calls to the preassigned first responders, who could be family members or caregivers.

Distributors/resellers and availability

SkyPad and the EDAS are available now for preorder at OnSky Health will also sell through authorized distributors and resellers. Due to global supply shortage, SkyPad quantity is limited and will be available to customers and distributors/resellers on a limited basis. New distributors and resellers are welcome to contact the OnSky Health sales team at or

About OnSky Health

OnSky Health International develops and manufactures advanced medical technologies and connected-health products aimed at modernizing remote health care and telehealth with a focus on the elderly, in-home and other high-risk patients. OnSky Health’s innovative products assist health care providers and caregivers in delivering intelligent, optimized and meaningful health care anytime and anywhere. With headquarters in the United States, the company’s flagship SkyPad system combines proprietary sensor technology with advanced AI and machine learning to provide an innovative virtual care system that helps the aging population enjoy a better quality of life while easing the minds of loved ones. For more information, visit

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