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Special Offer: 3-Month FREE of Emergency Service




SkyPad-PRO is the "Contact-Free" Virtual Care System that supports Telehealth and Remote Health Monitoring. It consists of a sensor Pad ("the Pad") and a Health Display (combined Hub and HD display). SkyPad monitors vital signs, motions, sleep quality and other health conditions continuously while user is laying in bed. Physicians, caregivers and family members can access your health status and data in real time anywhere via the OnSky Health App (free) that is available for download in Apple store and Google Play store.


The Pad is placed under any bed sheet and pillow so that it becomes virtually invisible. The Health Display is a combined Sensor Hub ("Hub") and HD Display in one unit. The Display is a HD touch-screen LCD for superb clarity with premium Gorilla glass for easy and quick acess of health status. With the "Contact-Free" sensor technology, you do not need to wear any wireless device on your body to sleep. No need to charge battery. You can sleep naturally and confortably while being protected continuously.


The SkyPad-PRO set includes the following items:

1). A sensor Pad in light blue color

2). A Health Display (combined Hub & HD Display) in white color

3). A power adapter converting 110/220 VAC 50Hz/60Hz to 5.2V DC (USA / Canada plug)

4). OnSky Health App that is free and available on Apple store and Google Play store, (Note: cell phone is not included even if depicted here)


Special Offer: OnSky offer 3-month FREE of subscription service for customer to use the Urgency Detection & Alert Service (UDAS). After 3 months, user has the option to continue the UDAS plan by selection on OnSky Health App or it will be cancelled automatically.


Learn more about the UDAS plan to protect yourself and your loved one:


SkyPad introduction video: 






SkyPad-PRO 3X Contactless Remote Health Monitor with touchscreen monitor

$599.00 Regular Price
$539.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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